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Ohio coal to liquid plant bites the dust

WELLSVILLE — “Once touted as the economic savior of the little town of Wellsville, Ohio as early as 2006, Baard Energy was issued an air pollution and construction permit in the Fall of 2008 to build a 50,000 barrel per day coal to diesel fuel facility by the Ohio EPA.

Baard Energy claimed the plant at that time would cost $4-5.5 billion and be financed  by a combination of “debt and equity” according to the proposed plant’s management team. However, it was pointed out by Valley Watch and others at the time that Baard has way to small an organization to acquire such debt since it was a company with less than a dozen employees.

On Friday, it was official disclosed that a settlement had been reached that requires Baard to use another feedstock besides coal if it wants to go forth in the future.

‘Coal to liquids technology has always been dirty and expensive—and today’s announcement makes it clear that it remains a bad bet,’ said NRDC senior attorney Shannon Fisk. ‘Four years into this mess, the Baard facility has not been able to sort out its pollution permits or financing because making liquid fuel out of coal simply doesn’t work economically or environmentally. The public subsidies its developers sought shouldn’t pay for pollution. We have better choices.'”

— John Blair, ValleyWatch

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