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Ohio has greatest wind power potential, but falling behind neighboring states

Even West Virginia, the capital of “coal country”, has more installed wind capacity than Ohio

Ohio wind energy development has stalled since 2014 when a last-minute amendment slipped into that year’s budget bill increased the required distance between a turbine and a building or property line. No new wind turbines have been installed since.

According to the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), Ohio only has 617 megawatts of wind energy installed as of the 4th Quarter 2017. Yet, Ohio has the greatest potential for wind power of our neighboring states. Ohio could unleash $4.2 billion of economic development by fixing the wind setbacks issues and allowing wind development in the state again.

The American Wind Energy Association reports installed capacity in their market reports and projects database. The Energy Department’s annual Wind Technologies Market Report provides information about wind power capacity additions and forecasts.