Freeze on Clean Energy

Ohio House debates renewable energy and misinformation abounds

Ohio Statehouse

COLUMBUS — “The Ohio House of Representatives just debated and passed another bill to rollback the state’s renewable energy portfolio standard.

Proponents of the bill – HB 114 – engaged in misleading attacks on the booming renewable energy industry. What follows are a few examples of the misleading claims and dubious sources that were aired during the debate.

Joseph Stalin’s 5-year plans actually promoted coal, not renewable energy

Rep. Bill Seitz, one of the bill’s co-sponsors, said that Ohio’s renewable energy portfolio standard, or RPS for short, is ‘something out of the five-year plan playbook of Joseph Stalin in 1940?’

Seitz made a similar claim back in 2013, when he floated another bill targeting the RPS. The quote soon became emblematic of the politically motivated attacks on RPS policies backed by power special interests, such as the American Legislative Exchange Council and Koch brothers.

Seitz is now well known for his use of controversial rhetoric in his attacks on renewables.”

— Dave Anderson, Energy and Policy Institute

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