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Ohio House panel slows nuclear ‘bailout’ plan

Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station cooling tower in July 2015 (Credit: Gregory Varnum, Creative Commons).

COLUMBUS — “New subsidies to reward the generation of power that emits no or less carbon into the air would be implemented more slowly under a bill approved Thursday by a Ohio House of Representatives subcommittee.

But while it might take a bit longer getting there, critics argue the bill still represents a consumer bailout for Ohio’s two nuclear power plants on the shore of Lake Erie.

‘This may be a longer process of the same bailout,’ said state Rep. Michael O’Brien (D., Warren), co-chairman of the House Energy Generation Subcommittee created specifically to consider this bill.

‘This just takes the bailout a little bit longer, and to assume that this is gradual from [a residential customer surcharge] of 50 cents for one year back to $2.50 the next year is an insult to ratepayers,’ he said.”

— Jim Provance, The Blade

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