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Ohio lawmakers’ report ignores benefits of clean energy standards


COLUMBUS — “On September 30, Ohio’s Energy Mandates Study Committee issued its final report, calling for an indefinite continuation of a current two-year freeze of any further requirements under the energy efficiency and renewable energy standards.

That freeze came into effect after Ohio lawmakers passed Senate Bill 310 last year. That law also set up the study committee and charged it to consider a variety of costs and benefits of the clean energy standards.

While the committee did hear some testimony on the benefits of the standards, those benefits are not mentioned in the final report. Critics, who had warned as early as this spring that testimony appeared to be largely one-sided, also note that issues such as health and climate impacts were overlooked.

The final committee report calls for an extended and indefinite suspension of the standards, based on “uncertainty” claimed to result from the federal Clean Power Plan rules, which are now final.”

— Kathiann Kowalski, Midwest Energy News

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