Ohio Utility Bailouts

Ohio manufacturers ask FERC to say ‘no’ to new energy tax: Ryan Augsburger (Opinion)

The Oregon Clean Energy Center near Toledo, now fully operational, is the first of as many as 10 large gas turbine power plants either under construction, approved or planned for Ohio by independent power producers. Each of the plants will generate nearly 1,000 megawatts and run around he clock, increasing the pressure on old coal and nuclear power plants. However, the federal Department of Energy has proposed to federal regulators a Grid Resiliency Pricing Rule to help keep old coal and nuclear plants from closing, with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission expected to take final action on the rule soon (Credit: Oregon Clean Energy Center).

CLEVELAND — “The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission will soon decide whether or not to increase the price of electricity paid by manufacturers and working families in Ohio and across the Northeast and Midwest.

If enacted, the proposed rule change would deal a serious blow to America’s manufacturing competitiveness by requiring consumers to pay more for electricity to prop up some utilities’ uneconomic power plants owned by certain utilities looking for a bailout.

It’s a story we’ve heard time and time again in Ohio. Now, proponents of that plan have gone to Washington in search of a solution.”

— Ryan Augsburger, a vice president at the Ohio Manufacturers’ Association, Cleveland Plain Dealer

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