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Ohio needs a clean energy future, not a no-strings-attached bailout

The Davis Besse nuclear plant is among those covered by a proposed FirstEnergy settlement.
Photo by Marc Haserodt / Creative Commons

AKRON — “It’s understandable that FirstEnergy’s hometown newspaper, the Akron Beacon Journalsupports its own utility monopoly. Yet justifying that support and advocating for FirstEnergy’s proposed nuclear bailout on environmental grounds is a surprise…and misdirected.

FirstEnergy’s proposal merely is yet another attempt to force customers to prop up its uneconomic power plants. Blanket subsidies for nuclear without any additional considerations will only delay the transition to a cleaner energy future, and we can’t afford to delay.

… FirstEnergy has stubbornly refused to consider compromising or incorporating forward-looking elements like energy efficiency programs and solar job training into its nuclear proposal – instead insisting on a bailout that Ohioans must pay for years to come.

Ohio would be wise to prioritize other low- or no-carbon energy sources, rather than subsidize old nuclear plants. A 2016 report by Environmental Defense Fund and The Nature Conservancy showed that ramping up clean energy resources in Ohio would significantly enhance the economy, potentially leading to over 100,000 new jobs and over $5 billion in net benefits.”

— Dick Munson, Environmental Defense Fund

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