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Ohio nuclear plant bailout plan encourages other zero-carbon energy

“Rep. Householder downplayed the impact on FirstEnergy and its nuclear plants, though he has called it a mistake to allow the plants to close. He said he focused on goals of encouraging Ohio power generation, incentivizing cleaner air, and helping create and maintain Ohio energy and industrial jobs.

‘I haven’t been paying that much attention to the nuclear situation,’ said Householder, who, along with his supporters running for House seats received significant political contributions from FirstEnergy in the last election cycle. ‘I haven’t been following the bankruptcy that close.’

The program would be operated by the Ohio Air Quality Development Authority, which, under the plan, also would be encouraged to develop a new emissions reduction program that would allow some gas and coal-fired plants to also qualify for subsidies if they lower emissions. Details of that program are not yet developed.

But Trish Demeter, vice-president of energy policy with the Ohio Environmental Council Action Fund, said she rejects that the bill is for the benefit of cleaner air.

‘The bill announced today is nothing more than another bailout tax for failing nuclear plants paid for on the backs of hardworking Ohioans,’ she said. ‘Adding insult to injury, the proposed bill would dismantle one of the only state policies that reliably deliver electric bill savings to customers, decrease air pollution, and create new jobs in Ohio.'”

— Jim Siegel, The Columbus Dispatch 

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