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Ohio politicians on “Energy Mandates Study Committee” took $830,000 from dirty energy companies

Data courtesy The National Institute on Money in State Politics -

Data courtesy The National Institute on Money in State Politics –

COLUMBUS — “A wolf pack of in-state utilities and out-of-state petrochemical billionaires has attacked Ohio’s clean energy law, threatening to kill clean jobs and wreak further damage on the environment.

This attack is led by Ohio state Senator Bill Seitz (R), who five years earlier voted for the law, but after accepting dirty energy money compared the law to Stalinism.   The latest step to stall and dismantle clean energy incentives is the so-called “Energy Mandates Study Committee,” or “EMSC.” The EMSC was established after previous failed attempts by Sen. Seitz and other Ohio Senators to repeal or weaken the clean energy law.

The EMSC’s recent decision to indefinitely stall laws promoting clean, efficient energy and the jobs they produce, is a power grab by coal utilities paying dropping campaign contributions in exchange to the gutting pollution-free clean energy jobs in Ohio.

A review of Ohio campaign finance data reveals some of the money behind these politicians’ attack on successful clean energy incentives.”

— Connor Gibson, Greenpeace

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