Ohio pressed pause on economic growth when it froze its clean energy standards


COLUMBUS — “Ohio shot itself in the foot last year and we’re only now learning just how bad the damage is.

…As an example, 75 wind turbines were planned for installation in the state before the Legislature’s action, now only two are planned. Specifically, the Legislature increased the property setback requirements for wind projects, meaning wind turbines must be a certain distance from property lines, effectively making it harder to develop renewable energy. It also permanently eliminated the in-state requirement for renewable energy all together. Given these energy resources lower the demand for utility-generated electricity, it should come as no surprise that FirstEnergy, the giant utility, led these anti-clean-energy efforts in order to block competition and bolster its uneconomic coal-fired power plants.

Plain and simple, investment and jobs are now leaving Ohio because of the Legislature’s actions (and FirstEnergy politicizing)…

Ohio can regain its clean-energy powerhouse status, including the investment and jobs that come with it. What the state needs are forward-looking policies that ensure the market places a fair value on the benefits of efficiency and renewable energy, while not subsidizing the status quo.”

— Dick Munson, Environmental Defense Fund

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