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Ohio ranked 2nd in health effects from coal-fired power plants

CHESHIRE — “According to a new study by The Clean Air Task Force, Columbus ranks 13th in the nation for health risks from power plant pollution.

The report claims Ohio is the second worst state in the nation for deaths from coal-fired power plants. The Clean Air Task Force estimates the pollution from power plants will cause more than 200 heart attacks and kill more than 130 people living in and around Columbus this year.

AEP questions the methodology of the study and the claimed link between coal-fired power plants and the deaths of Ohioans.

April Stinson lives in the shadows of the Gavin coal-fired power plant stacks in Cheshire, Ohio.

‘My husband died at age 52 and my sister-in-law who lived in Cheshire died of asthma at 50 years old,’ said Stinson.”

— Rick Reitzel, Columbus NBC4

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