Energy / Freeze on Clean Energy

Ohio Senate votes to halt state energy efficiency rules, wind and solar development


COLUMBUS — “The GOP Senate majority feuded with Kasich behind closed doors for more than 18 hours Wednesday in a battle played out against a national and global debate about climate change.

In a nearly solid party-line vote, the Senate approved legislation at 1:06 a.m Thursday that allowed a two-year freeze of Ohio’s five-year-old energy laws. The bill had been repeatedly rewritten and read in acrimonious sessions of the Senate’s utilities committee.

…SB 310 now moves to the Ohio House, which is expected to approve a similar — if not more severe — measure within weeks, before lawmakers leave to began their re-election campaigns.

As rewritten late last night, the legislation would freeze all efficiency and renewable mandates at 2014 levels while a committee of lawmakers continues to debate the merits of such requirements.”

— John Funk, Cleveland Plain Dealer

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