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Ohio Supreme Court will hear Rumpke utility appeal

Trucks line up at the Rumpke landfill in Colerain Township. The Ohio Supreme Court has decided to hear an appeal from Colerain Township in a case that resulted in the landfill being given status as a public utility. Cara Owsley/Staff

COLUMBUS — “Reversing a December decision, the Ohio Supreme Court has agreed to hear Colerain Township’s appeal of a decision that the Rumpke Landfill is a public utility.

The court announced today that it has accepted a discretionary appeal to hear the case filed by Colerain Township…

Trustee Joseph Wolterman agreed, saying a decision from the Ohio Supreme Court is in the best interest of all parties involved, particularly the residents of Colerain Township.

‘We need to know the legal standing of the township in this situation moving forward,’ he said. ‘Ultimately, this is a question that has to be answered.’

Ohio Citizens’ Action Director Melissa English said the decision is good news. ‘It’s possibly a game-changer,’ she said. ‘The precedent here was mind-boggling and we are pleased with the decision to reconsider.’”

— Jennie Key, Cincinnati Enquirer

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