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Ohio utility AEP never notified public about rate-case hearings

The AEP building in Columbus, Ohio. Photo by Mark Cameron / Creative Commons

COLUMBUS — “After nearly a year and a half of deliberations with Ohio utility regulators, environmental groups, and customer advocates, American Electric Power appears to have agreement from most parties on the terms of its latest rate case.

There’s just one problem: The company forgot to invite the public.

The utility began working with the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio on a new rate case in September 2016. The case will set rates and rider fees through 2024 for the company’s nearly 1.5 million customers in the state.

When the time came for public hearings, the company was supposed to publish formal notices in local newspapers to let the public know about the meetings. It never did that.

The company disclosed the error in a Dec. 28 filing. It’s unlikely to sink the rate case, but it adds an element of uncertainty just as it nears the finish line.”

—Kathiann M Kowalski, Midwest Energy News

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