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Ohioans could be charged more fees in their electric bill

New monthly fees would be collected from all 4.8 million electric utility customers in Ohio under energy bill.

Environmentalists and consumer advocates on Tuesday warned that a bill pending in the Ohio House would pile more costs onto consumers and stifle renewable energy and conservation programs.

House Bill 6 calls for charging electric customers across Ohio new fees — about $300 million a year — and giving the money to businesses that generate zero carbon emission energy and those that make improvements to reduce carbon emissions. The biggest potential beneficiary would be FirstEnergy Solutions, which has plans to close two aging nuclear power plants along Lake Erie unless it gets a government bailout….

Also, the bill would wipe out mandates for renewable energy and energy efficiency but allow utility companies to continue charging customers for the efficiency programs.

‘In addition to footing the bill to bailout FirstEnergy’s two outdated nuclear plants, Ohio consumers would be left holding the bag for clean energy programs that would no longer exist. The legislation effectively repeals the state’s renewable energy and energy efficiency standards, but clears the way for utilities to continue billing their customers for the benefits they will no longer receive,’ said Tracy Sabetta, of the Ohio Consumers Power Alliance.”

— Laura Bischoff, Dayton Daily News

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