Nuclear Energy

Ohio’s grand bargain on energy policy

Daniel Sawmiller, Natural Resources Defense Council ’s director of energy policy.

“As evidenced by last session’s bill title and recent conversations in House Committee meetings, the proponents of bailing out these two plants consistently point to the benefits of clean, or carbon-free energy as support for placing the economic future of the plants on the backs of Ohio’s electricity customers. It certainly is time for Ohio to invest in a clean energy future with long-term solutions for our state. But preserving nuclear units should not be the leading strategy for decarbonizing a state’s electricity production. To the contrary, when considering aid to nuclear facilities—particularly aid that is borne by electricity customers—policy makers should be focused on developing a broader package of long-term solutions that would enable the state to benefit from the jobs, lower electric bills, and improved air and water quality made possible by a cleaner energy economy. Examples of such a package of policies includes caps on carbon, mechanisms to drive ambitious levels of investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy, assuring best practices for the management of the radioactive nuclear waste and support for the workers and local communities.”

— Daniel Sawmiller, Natural Resources Defense Council 

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