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Ohio’s hostility to renewable energy makes the state less attractive

Mark Goodwin is CEO of Apex Clean Energy, which develops, constructs, and operates utility-scale wind and solar power facilities across North America.

COLUMBUS — “The disconnect for Columbus begins in the Statehouse it hosts. Beholden to a powerful few, the legislature is still struggling to overturn the narrow 2014 mandate setting a minimum setback distance for wind turbines of 1,125 feet from adjacent properties, more than double the prior standard. This struggle continues despite recent polls showing overwhelming support among Ohio conservative voters for renewable energy and wind power.

Wind farms in north central and northwest Ohio bring the promise of generating hundreds of millions of dollars in guaranteed investment and long-term payments to local schools, counties and townships.

If that isn’t enough to bring about a reversal, perhaps the future of the 11-county Columbus region merits a second look.

There are 50,000 new jobs at stake, in addition to millions in direct salaries and billions in downstream revenue for residents and businesses. Not to mention the dedicated work of countless Columbus business and civic leaders to put the metropolitan area in a position to win.

It’s time for Ohio’s elected leadership to ponder the moment. Ohio’s clean energy challenge is immediately reversible. There is a reason why Amazon created a shortlist, creating an opportunity for remaining competitors to sharpen their cases for partnership and ensure that unnecessary roadblocks are removed.

This is not hypothetical. This is the moment business-focused, free enterprise policymaking is all about.”

— Mark Goodwin, CEO of Apex Clean Energy, Columbus Business First

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