Freeze on Clean Energy

Ohio’s renewable energy rules on the chopping block, again

Ohio lawmakers are today trying do away with state mandates requiring power companies to buy and sell solar power, or buy “solar credits” associated with solar power. The change would eliminate revenues solar developers rely on to fund projects, such as this very large solar array built by Bold Alternatives, a local Cleveland company, in 2012 atop a canopy in the parking lot of First Unitarian Church of Cleveland in Shaker Heights. (Credit:Thomas Ondrey, The Plain Dealer)

COLUMBUS — “Ohio lawmaker William Seitz of Cincinnati has been trying for at least the past four years to modify or eliminate state rules requiring power companies to offer ‘green’ electricity.

His latest effort, House Bill 114, is scheduled for a vote today.

…Opponents, including scores of businesses, as well as environmental groups, have fought Seitz throughout all of his legislative efforts, including this latest round, against renewable energy rules and parallel rules requiring electric utilities to help customers use less power.

Just as they did in the past, the groups filed testimony in Seitz’s House committee in the past couple of weeks arguing that the mandates have created and would continue to create jobs.

If the H.B. 114 emerges from the House today, it faces an uncertain future in the Senate. And it probably faces another veto.”

— John Funk, Cleveland Plain Dealer

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