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Oil and gas contributions pouring into Sen. District 20 to help Sen. Troy Balderson

Ohio State Sen. Troy Balderson

CLEVELAND — On October 25, the two candidates for Ohio Senate in the District 20 race, Sen. Troy Balderson and Teresa McGraner Scarmack, submitted their pre-general campaign finance filing. The records cover the period from April 6 to October 17, 2012. Findings:

1. Oil and gas interest contributions are pouring into Senate District 20 to help Balderson, who voted for Gov. Kasich’s hydraulic fracturing bill, S.B. 315, last spring.

2. The amount of oil and gas money is likely understated because the way Sen. Balderson has handled and reported his contributions has effectively obscured the original source of most of the money.

3. Oil and gas interests have contributed nothing to Teresa McGraner Scarmack.

On October 8, our analysis concluded, “If fracking leaves a mark on the elections, it most will likely be in Ohio Senate District 20.” Yesterday’s pre-general campaign finance filings confirm this, or at least show that oil and gas interests agree with us.

— Paul Ryder, Assistant Director, Ohio Citizen Action, memo to Sandy Buchanan, Executive Director.

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