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‘Outlier’ study on Ohio renewable standards is flawed, say critics

The Timber Road II wind farm in Ohio (Credit: Keith Lott/USFWS, Creative Commons)

COLUMBUS — “A study calling for repeal of Ohio’s enforceable renewable energy standards – released just days ahead of legislation to further weaken those laws – will almost certainly be cited as hearings begin on the bill this week.

Clean energy advocates, however, say the report is flawed because it relies on improper and outdated assumptions about costs and fails to fully evaluate the benefits of the standards.

The new policy paper from the conservative Buckeye Institute in Columbus claims that continuation of the renewable energy standard would eliminate thousands of jobs and cost as much as $15.5 billion. ‘Ohio’s policymakers should repeal the RPS in 2017,’ the study authors conclude.

Such dire predictions have not played out in any of the 28 other states with renewable energy standards. In Minnesota, for instance, a recent report found that overall energy costs as a portion of income are falling even as utilities are on track to meet or exceed that state’s more aggressive requirements.”

— Kathiann M. Kowalski, Midwest Energy News

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