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Victory! Clean energy majority in Ohio won the day today
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Victory! Clean energy majority in Ohio won the day today

COLUMBUS — We did it! The pro-clean energy majority in Ohio won the day today when Governor Kasich vetoed HB554. It’s the best present imaginable! It’s also an affirmation that if the people lead, the leaders will follow.  I’m so grateful to the tens of thousands Ohio Citizen Action members […]

A wind farm near Paulding, Ohio. Photo by
David Grant / Creative Commons
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Ohio clean energy standards resume, but still weakened by 2014 laws

COLUMBUS — “Although the standards will resume, Senate Bill 310, passed in 2014, made some notable changes in the law that remain in effect. For starters, that law got rid of terms that said at least half of Ohio’s required renewable energy must come from in-state resources. Beyond that, another […]

2016 Year In Review – Energy Issues
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2016 Year In Review – Energy Issues

COLUMBUS — “Ohio has a big coal industry, but also has a lot of land for wind energy development. And state officials seems to be floating in the middle as far as energy policy goes. The energy issue pulled the state in two different directions. Two of the state’s biggest […]

Large businesses thank Governor Kasich for energy bill veto
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Large businesses thank Governor Kasich for energy bill veto

COLUMBUS — “Major Ohio employers today commended Republican Gov. John Kasich for vetoing an energy bill that they say would have increased electricity costs and made Ohio less globally competitive. By vetoing HB554, Ohio’s renewable portfolio standard of 12.5 percent by 2026 goes back into effect on January 1, 2017.  […]

Wind power, old and new, west of Bowling Green. A new bill would freeze at current levels the amount of wind energy Ohio utilities must use. (Photo: ASSOCIATED PRESS )
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Kasich breaks with GOP, keeps renewable energy standards

COLUMBUS — “In a victory for clean energy advocates, Gov. John Kasich Tuesday again broke with fellow Ohio Republicans, vetoing their attempt to put a halt to the state’s requirements that utility companies get more and more energy from renewable sources. Kasich had already vetoed Republican lawmakers’ attempt to limit […]

Michael Sokol, an electrical engineer with Bold Alternatives LLC, installs another panel in the large solar array being erected atop a canopy in the parking lot of First Unitarian Church of Cleveland in Shaker Heights on Wed. April 25, 2012. (Thomas Ondrey, The Plain Dealer)
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Ohio Gov. John Kasich vetoes renewable energy freeze

COLUMBUS — “Ohio Gov. John Kasich vetoed legislation Tuesday that would have allowed investor-owned utilities to avoid making renewable energy investments for another two years. The bill would have effectively extended a freeze on renewable-energy standards for the past two years by making them voluntary for 2017 and 2018. If […]

Wind turbines generate electricity on a farm straddling Paulding and Van Wert counties in northwest Ohio.
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Kasich vetoes bill that would have made renewable energy voluntary, opens the door to comprehensive energy reform

COLUMBUS — “Kasich had repeatedly pledged during his presidential bid that Ohio would support wind and solar, that he would not allow more conservative lawmakers to extend the two-year freeze, and that making the standards voluntary was unacceptable. In his message to lawmakers accompanying the veto, Kasich wrote that HB […]

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Kasich vetoes bill to weaken clean energy mandate

COLUMBUS — “Gov. John Kasich (R) bucked Ohio’s GOP state legislature Tuesday by vetoing a bill that would have weakened the state’s clean energy requirements for power companies. Kasich, who ran for the Republican presidential nomination this year, rejected the bill that sought to make clean-energy purchase mandates that have […]

John Kasich veto message on why he struck down HB554, a pause on renewable energy requirements.
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Kasich vetoes renewable energy freeze, putting standards back into effect

COLUMBUS — “Kasich turned away the Republican-backed bill that would have made renewable and energy efficiency goals for electric companies voluntary for the next two years. It would have been an effective continuation of a freeze of the standards he signed in 2014. The governor has repeatedly said that continuing […]

The first vote today followed a 14-minute appeal Kasich made from the House dais at the start of the session. House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger, a Republican from Clarksville, said he invited the governor.
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Kasich vetoes bill delaying renewable energy mandates

COLUMBUS — “Gov. John Kasich today made good on his threat to veto a legislative effort to again delay enforcement of Ohio’s requirement that utilities find more of their electricity from renewable sources. …By 2027, FirstEnergy, American Electric Power, and other utilities must find 12.5 percent of their power from […]