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Kathryn King (with her turkey Kojak) raises rare heritage turkeys, which retain historic characteristics that are no longer present in the majority of the birds raised today, at her 3-acre property in rural Loudon Township in southern Carroll County.
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Researchers find chemicals in the air in rural Carroll County

CARROLL COUNTY — “According to researchers, the air-sampling material used can collect thousands of different chemicals, including semivolatile organic compounds that can have an impact on human health. The chemicals include polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which may be related to drilling activities. PAHs are a group of more than 100 chemicals […]

Certified organic farmer Mick Luber of Bluebird Farm in Cadiz, Ohio, says he's concerned about what possible contamination from nearby fracking operations could mean for the future of his business. Photo: Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Assn. -
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Does fracking threaten future of Ohio organic farms?

COLUMBUS — “Certified organic farming is a growing business in Ohio, but some farmers warn that the threat of contamination from hydraulic fracturing could dampen its future. Some of the chemicals used in fracking have been identified as naturally-occurring toxic substances, metals, and radioactive materials.In eastern Ohio, Mick Luber is a […]


Committee studying Ohio’s energy freeze full of lawmakers who voted for bill that enacted the freeze

COLUMBUS —“The legislative committee that will review the standards, which are frozen for two years, is overwhelmingly made up of lawmakers who voted for the bill that enacted the freeze. Just three of the 12 committee members voted against Senate Bill 310, which Gov. John Kasich signed in June. The […]

Town Hall meeting on how to keep needed sewer improvements affordable

Town Hall meeting on how to keep needed sewer improvements affordable

CINCINNATI —Next Wednesday October 15, the Coalition for Fair Rates holds a town hall discussion about how to keep needed sewer improvements affordable for Hamilton County families. The meeting takes place at 6:30pm at Gabriel’s Place, 3618 Reading Rd. Cincinnati 45229. Hamilton county has been under court order to separate […]

Dan Sawmiller, Sierra Club
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Sierra Club: Ohio utilities’ plan to have customers subsidize coal plants ‘doesn’t hold up

COLUMBUS — “I think what we’ve got here, throughout the state, is utility companies throwing spaghetti against the wall and trying to see what will stick. None have benefits for customers. Utilities have a public campaign saying this is all about customers, volatility, economic development. It just doesn’t hold up. They’re […]

Firefighters at risk when drilling goes wrong
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Firefighters at risk when drilling goes wrong

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Last year Honda installed these two wind turbines at its transmission plant in Russells Point, Pion. they provide 10% of the facility's power. Photo: Bill Bowen
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The battle of Ohio: clean energy vs. coal

MARYSVILLE — “Environmentalists and renewable-power providers fear that Ohio could be the spearhead for pushing back other states’ mandates for renewables. Despite five years of relatively robust investment in renewables here, the presence in Ohio of two of the nation’s largest utilities (AEP and FirstEnergy), along with the legacy coal […]

Charred trucks and equipment at the scene of the June 28 chemical fire at the StatOil North America well pad. Adam Cairns, Columbus Dispatch
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Advocacy group pushes Ohio officials for more disclosure of fracking chemicals

COLUMBUS — “An environmental and consumer advocacy group wants lawmakers and Gov. John Kasich to change state law to require more disclosure of chemicals used in horizontal hydraulic fracturing. The Ohio Citizen Action Education Fund cited a well fire in Monroe County earlier this year as evidence for increased disclosure, […]

Sierra Club to sue AEP over Gavin coal plant; AEP seeking bailouts for the rest of its Ohio coal-burning plants
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Sierra Club to sue AEP over Gavin coal plant; AEP seeking bailouts for the rest of its Ohio coal-burning plants

COLUMBUS, Ohio — “In the wake of a new sweeping coal plant bailout request by Columbus-based American Electric Power, the Sierra Club has put the utility on notice that it plans to sue for federal Clean Air Act violations at AEP’s Gavin Power Plant. Public Justice, a public interest law firm, […]

The Eisenbarth well fire: Ohio fails in a fracking emergency
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The Eisenbarth well fire: Ohio fails in a fracking emergency

CLEVELAND — “Danger lurks throughout the fracking process, specifically danger of chemical exposure. Current laws and enforcement fail to prepare first responders for emergency situations where human life and environmental damage depends on responders’ knowledge of what they’re dealing with. The U.S. EPA, Ohio EPA, and Ohio Department of Natural […]