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Wind energy proposal may dictate industry’s future in Ohio

TOLEDO — “Wind energy’s future in Ohio is at a crossroads. Two much different proposals — one easing restrictions stifling new wind farms and another adding more hurdles for future development — are being pitched to state lawmakers and regulators. …Ohio ranks in the middle of the pack among all […]

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Ohio bill would relax wind setbacks, but rule change could derail process

COLUMBUS — “An Ohio Republican’s bill would relax one of the nation’s strictest wind farm setback laws, but a proposed rule change could make getting variances next to impossible. Ohio’s four-year-old setback law calls for wind turbines on commercial wind farms to be about 1,300 feet from the closest property line. […]

Mark Goodwin is CEO of Apex Clean Energy, which develops, constructs, and operates utility-scale wind and solar power facilities across North America.
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Ohio’s hostility to renewable energy makes the state less attractive

COLUMBUS — “The disconnect for Columbus begins in the Statehouse it hosts. Beholden to a powerful few, the legislature is still struggling to overturn the narrow 2014 mandate setting a minimum setback distance for wind turbines of 1,125 feet from adjacent properties, more than double the prior standard. This struggle […]

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Cleveland sees clean energy as tool for climate change resiliency

CLEVELAND — “Mitigation efforts can still avoid some of the worst impacts of climate change. But with the reality that some impacts are now inevitable, the focus on resilience is growing here and elsewhere. Cleveland’s risks might not seem as dramatic as the sea level rise that threatens New York or the wildfires that […]

Consumer groups maintain rate increase cases and power purchase agreements filed by the utilities are muddying the waters of Ohio's energy market.
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Lower Ohio electric rates based on federal tax cut won’t be easy or quick

CLEVELAND — “Don’t plan on lower electric bills anytime soon reflecting the fat tax cut Ohio’s electric utilities are already enjoying. FirstEnergy, American Electric Power, Duke Energy and Dayton Power & Light have made it clear to the PUCO that passing on their windfall tax break from 35 percent to […]

Matt Dolan, R-Chagrin Falls
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Lawmaker: Current wind farm regulations ‘stifle’ investment in Ohio

Setbacks have been an issue of contention with proposed Champaign County wind farm CHAMPAIGN COUNTY  — “A Northeast Ohio Republican is pushing for a return to shorter setbacks for wind farms in Ohio, arguing the rules created in 2014 have strangled investment in the industry. The issue of how far turbines […]

Mike Hartley is a consultant with the Ohio Conservative Energy Forum, an organization that supports an “all-of- the-above” energy future that includes clean and renewable energy innovation and solutions.
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Opinion: Ohio conservatives value renewable energy

COLUMBUS — “Job creation. Economic growth. Property rights. These priorities have long been at the heart of conservative policymaking because they enrich our communities with opportunity and help individuals and families pursue the American dream on their own terms. Right now, Ohio has an opportunity to advance and defend these conservative […]

Wind energy growth in Ohio slowed in past year
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Wind energy growth in Ohio slowed in past year

COLUMBUS — “Wind turbines continue to sprout across the United States and Ohio, but the pace slowed in 2017, and industry advocates continue to have grave concerns about Ohio rules that limit where turbines can be placed. The industry completed projects this past year that add up to 7,017 megawatts, […]

Coal’s ‘aging out’ problem: Most US customers operating older power plants
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Coal’s ‘aging out’ problem: Most US customers operating older power plants

NEW YORK, NY — “U.S. coal production paused a yearslong, sharp decline through most of 2017, but the sector still faces the challenges of a rapidly aging customer base. Nearly 70% of the coal delivered in the 12-month period that ended Oct. 31, 2017, went to coal-fired power plants that […]

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PJM changes would help subsidized coal, nuclear compete on market

COLUMBUS — “Illinois already has one subsidy plan in place that could benefit from the new PJM proposal. The state’s plan subsidizes nuclear power and is currently being challenged at the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. ‘Subsidies are contagious,’ Bowring said. ‘If one subsidy program is permitted to undermine the PJM capacity […]