Panel links C8 to high blood pressure in pregnancy

VIENNA, WV. — “A three-person team of scientists has found a ‘probable link’ between C8 and high blood pressure among pregnant women, but no such link between exposure to the chemical and other reproductive effects, the team announced Monday.

Members of the C8 Science Panel issued the findings, which are the first major conclusions of their six-year study of the DuPont Co. chemical.

The Science Panel’s work is part of a class-action lawsuit settlement between DuPont and Mid-Ohio Valley residents whose water was contaminated with C8 by DuPont’s nearby Washington Works plant.

…Panel members said evidence they reviewed was ‘insufficient’ to conclude a probable link between C8 exposure and birth defects, preterm births, low birth weight, miscarriages and stillbirths.

But the group said scientific studies show a probable link between chemical exposure and pregnancy-induced hypertension, which is high blood pressure among pregnant women who did not have the condition prior to pregnancy.”

— Ken Ward, Jr., Charleston Gazette

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Original reports and conclusions provided by the Dupont C8 Science Panel in the PFOA class action lawsuit