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Perry, Davis-Besse nuke plants dismantling could take 60 years

Ohio’s Perry Nuclear Plant.  Photo: Neal Wellons (Creative Commons)

CLEVELAND – “FirstEnergy Solutions says it wants to delay dismantling its four nuclear power plants – including Perry and Davis-Besse – for 60 years.

The company a year ago told the Nuclear Regulatory Commission it would close its four nuclear plants by the end of 2021, starting with Davis-Besse in May 2020 and Perry in May 2021.

…The long delay in decommissioning, called SAFSTOR by the NRC, allows for years of “dormancy” during which time the most expensive charges are for security.

The plan would delay dismantling the most radioactive parts of each of its four reactors for about 50 years in order to give decommissioning funds ample time to grow. The plan assumes the conservatively managed funds would grow at 2 percent per year. The company would then spend the final 10 years dismantling the reactor itself and parts closest to it.

Winning NRC approval of the decommissioning plans is one of three fronts on which FES is battling as the first anniversary of its bankruptcy filing approaches this weekend. The company also is talking to state lawmakers about a bailout for its nuclear plants. And it’s defending its restructuring plan in court to continue operating as a creditor-owned company when it emerges from bankruptcy.”

— John Funk, Cleveland Plain Dealer

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