Piketon fights construction of radioactive waste dump

Piketon Village Council member Jennifer Chandler and Mayor Billy Spencer stand next to one of several signs in town that opposes the landfill under construction at the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant. photo: Eric Albrecht, Dispatch

PIKETON — “The federal government already has spent $53 million of a $350 million project on what will essentially be a 100-acre landfill at the far northeast corner of the sprawling 3,777-acre nuclear complex. On any given day, giant earth-moving equipment tears into the landscape there and as many as 75 employees focus on nothing but the design, site preparation and construction.

Government studies and reports say the Piketon disposal site will be safe for the community. Local officials and a consultant the village hired say it will not. They say the government’s own geological report shows that bedrock under the site is fractured and the groundwater in the area will be put at risk if the landfill ever leaks.”

— Holly Zachariah, Columbus Dispatch

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