Please write U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown

Too many Ohioans die from pollution from coal burning power plants

Ohio produces more air pollution than any state in the country, largely due to
the fact that 82% of our electricity comes from coal burning power plants. Pollution released from coal plants comes from harmful gases, metals, and fine soot.

New EPA rules protect public health

The U.S. EPA is proposing a series of standards for air and water pollution that would protect public health. These rules would prevent releases of mercury, acid gases, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and ozone, and would protect lakes and streams from superheated water coming out of power plants. The U.S. EPA estimates that the rules would prevent up to 36,000 deaths a year. The rules could reduce health care costs by $120 billion every year, which translates to $42 in savings for every dollar invested by power companies.

Urge Senator Brown to support U.S. EPA rules that will protect our health from polluting coal plants. Please be sure to include your return address. Letters are best when written in your own words. Here are a few points to get started:

  • Rules proposed by the U.S. EPA are good for our health and good for the economy.
  • We don’t believe the utility industry’s scare tactics and neither should you.
  • Coal pollution hurts my family’s health in these ways_________
  • The new rules would protect Americans from mercury, acid gases, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, ozone, and superheated water releases. We cannot afford to continue to let power companies profit from our health problems.

Mail your letter to:

Senator Sherrod Brown

713 Hart Office Senate Building

Washington, DC 20510