Power plant owners press Trump to reject bailout for coal, nuclear

Davis Besse nuclear power plant (Creative Commons)

WASHINGTON, DC — “Power plant owners are urging President Trump to reject a plea by a Ohio power provider to save its fleet of coal and nuclear plants that are slated to shut down in the next three years, saying it would be legally wrong and jeopardize his America First agenda.

The Electric Power Supply Association, representing merchant power plant owners, sent Trump a letter Thursday night, expressing concern over his recent remarks supporting an emergency relief order for First Energy under the Federal Power Act to keep the plants running. Trump told a crowd in West Virginia last week that he is taking a serious look at approving the order.

‘EPSA writes to you today, because granting the [First Energy] request, or providing other forms of assistance to a subset of competitors, is fundamentally at odds with the wise course you have charted for the country,” the group wrote. “This includes your goals of robust economic growth, improving U.S. competitiveness, and modernizing infrastructure, including the power grid.'”

— John Siciliano, Washington Examiner

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