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Power providers in nasty faceoff

AEP, FirstEnergy duke it out in ad war

In this AEP advertisement, a man in a suit steals lemonade from a child and sets up his own stand. AEP likens that to FirstEnergy's approach.

COLUMBUS — “The companies sell the same product and, for the first time, are competing for the same customers. For all of the humorous commercials, this battle is not child’s play. At the heart of the fight is this question: How much should AEP be able to charge for the power-generating capacity it maintains so that customers in its territory can always keep the lights on, even when use spikes to very high levels?

AEP is looking for an increase in such charges.

Otherwise, the company contends, competitors can buy capacity from AEP at artificially low rates and use it to undercut AEP’s price.FirstEnergy says it is playing by the rules and is forcing AEP to compete, while AEP says the setup has deep flaws that could be catastrophic to its business. The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio is considering AEP’s request to allow a temporary increase in the charges.”

— Dan Gearino, Columbus Disptach

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What’s electricity feud all about?

— Dan Gearino, Columbus Disptach

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