Coal / Ohio Utility Bailouts

Proposed Ohio subsidy for coal-fired power plants now uncertain

AEP’s Clifty Creek power plant in Madison, Indiana is among the facilities covered under income guarantee plans recently approved by Ohio regulators (Credit: Crowezr / Wikimedia Commons)

COLUMBUS — “A proposal to subsidize two coal-fired power plants is no longer on a fast track and might not pass at all.

This is a shift from last month, when House Bill 239 seemed to be moving quickly toward becoming law, despite opposition from consumer and environmental groups.

The Ohio House Public Utilities Committee introduced a new version of the bill on Tuesday to respond to opponents’ concerns. However, the panel’s members said additional changes are likely.

‘It may end up having to wait until next fall, and that would be a terrible shame if it did,’ said House Majority Leader Bill Seitz, R-Cincinnati, who also is the committee’s chairman.

…The power plants are Kyger Creek in Cheshire, which went online in 1955 and can generate about 1,100 megawatts, and Clifty Creek in Madison, Indiana, also started in 1955 and with a capacity of about 1,300 megawatts.”

— Dan Gearino, Columbus Dispatch

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