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Public Hearing to be held Thursday, April 22 about FirstEnergy’s fish kills at the Bayshore Coal Plant in the Toledo area

TOLEDO — The Ohio EPA will be holding a public hearing on Thursday, April 22, 2010 at 6:30 p.m. at the Clay High School Auditorium to hear from the public about reducing fish kills at FirstEnergy’s Bayshore coal plant located in the Toledo/Oregon area on Maumee Bay.

FirstEnergy is proposing louvers to reduce the kills but Ohio EPA’s consultant flat out rejected louvers as one of the technologies that will work best for reducing the kills. The Bayshore power plant is located in the Great Lakes’ shallowest, fishiest waters on the Western end of Lake Erie. The plant uses about 650 million gallons a day predominately from the Maumee River, which is the Great Lakes most biologically productive river.

FirstEnergy estimates that during 2005-2006, 46 million fish a year were killed on the screens protecting Bayshore’s Cooling Water Intake Structure pumps (a practice called impingement) and 2.1 million fish/larvae were taken into the Cooling Water Intake Structure with the cooling water and killed (called entrainment.) Of these 77,812 walleye and 123,405 yellow perch were impinged and 14 million walleye and 4 million yellow perch were entrained. Ohio EPA states that the plant kills more fish than all other Ohio power plants combined and the Ohio DNR says that the plant kills more fish than they raise and release every year.

The public hearing will be held at the Clay High School Auditorium located at 5665 Seaman Rd., Oregon, Ohio and there is parking around the corner on Stadium. For more information about the public hearing or the fish kill issues at the Bayshore coal plant please see

If you can’t attend the public hearing, but would like to voice your opinion on the fish kills, please send in comments to the Ohio EPA. Comments are due by May 29, 2010. See this sample letter for comments and Ohio EPA’s address.

Rachael Belz, Coal program organizer, Ohio Citizen Action