Dayton Power & Light / Energy / Fixed Rate Hikes

Public hearings on DP&L rate hike

After more than a year, the public will get to speak about DP&L’s proposed increase of the “fixed rate” or “customer” charge on their bills. DP&L’s proposal would increase the charge from $51 a year to $165 a year, a 223 percent increase. Such fixed charge hikes are unfair to those who use less energy, and especially matter for those living on low or fixed incomes. They also discourage energy efficiency and home solar.

For all of these reasons, utility regulators around the country have been rejecting big fixed charge increases by electric companies.

With both Duke Energy Ohio and AEP Ohio, agreements have been reached recently with the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) not to impose fixed charge increases, so we need to keep the momentum going to ensure NO utility in Ohio gets this unfair increase.

You can help save yourself and your neighbors $114 in extra charges on your electric bill by speaking out against a proposed Dayton Power & Light rate hike

There are two hearings, both at the Dayton Municipal Building, 101 W. Third St. Dayton, OH.

MAY 8 at  1PM

MAY 10 at  6PM