PUCO committee gives Gov. DeWine choice of 4 applicants for commission seat

The PUCO Nominating Council on Thursday selected four of the 14 candidates seeking an appointment by Gov. Mike DeWine to the five-member commission.

CLEVELAND — “Two of the four recommended candidates have consumer-oriented backgrounds, somewhat of a rarity for a commission that has been dominated by members who have backgrounds with utilities. The PUCO’s role is to regulate the state’s investor-owned utilities.

The two candidates with consumer backgrounds are:

  • Bryce McKenney, of Columbus, an attorney, currently an assistant Ohio consumers’ counsel and formerly an attorney examiner and administrative law judge with the PUCO where he oversaw public and administrative hearings on utility cases.
  • Eugene Krebs, of Camden, Ohio, near Dayton, a long-time member and immediate past chairman of the Consumers’ Counsel Governing Board. Former Attorney General Jim Petro initially appointed Krebs to the board in 2005. Mike DeWine, when serving as attorney general, twice re-appointed him. Krebs also served on the PUCO Nominating Council by virtue of his position on the OCC board. Krebs stepped down in July of 2017.”

— John Funk, The Plain Dealer 

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