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Q&A: Watchdog group investigates Ohio wind energy foe

WASHINGTON, DC — “Midwest Energy News: Why focus on Bill Seitz?

Checks and Balances’ executive director Scott Peterson: Because Rep. Seitz is a powerful politician who has arguably done more to block the growth of clean energy jobs in Ohio than anyone else in the state. He’s done that as a self-styled “free-market” conservative who has picked winners and losers in the state’s energy economy. We want to help Ohioans understand why.

We suspect there are powerful lobbyists at work. We’ve been asking questions of government officials, lobbyists and corporate managers who stand in the way of a clean economy since 2009. Bill Seitz’s actions are the latest in a long line of government officials who have drawn our attention and appear to be more closely aligned with entrenched, fossil fuel interests than the majority of his state’s citizens.”

— Kathiann M Kowalski, Midwest Energy News

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