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Regulators reject Trump administration proposal to support coal, nuclear

FirstEnergy’s Davis Besse Power Plant Source: Wikimedia

WASHINGTON, DC — “Federal energy regulators on Monday rejected a Trump administration proposal that would have provided financial support to coal and nuclear power plants.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission said the proposal, submitted by Energy Secretary Rick Perry, may do harm to competitive markets for energy.

Ohio companies, such as FirstEnergy, a utility, and Murray Energy, a coal producer, were supporters of the plan, but many business and energy groups opposed it, including the American Petroleum Institute. PJM Interconnection, the grid operator whose territory includes Ohio, had joined with its peers in other regions in opposing Perry’s proposal.

Environmentalists and green-energy advocates fought the plan bitterly.

Commissioners said there was not enough evidence to support Perry’s contention that the proposal was needed to improve the reliability of the country’s electricity grid. While rejecting the controversial plan, the commission directed regional grid operators to investigate ways to improve reliability.”

—Dan Gearino, Columbus Dispatch

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