Energy / Freeze on Clean Energy

Reinstating Ohio’s alternative-energy standards must become a priority for Gov. John Kasich: editorial


CLEVELAND — “There’s good news about the possible thaw of Ohio’s frozen renewable-energy and energy-efficiency benchmarks. First, Republican Gov. John Kasich remains opposed to continuing the freeze beyond its scheduled 2017 expiration. Second, the General Assembly evidently won’t debate until next year bids to weaken the benchmarks or extend the wrongheaded freeze — ensuring a measured discussion instead of a rush to judgment.

But during that alternative-energy debate, Kasich can’t limit himself to saying he opposes the freeze; he has to be willing to press his point forcefully with the GOP-led legislature.

…a spokesman confirmed Kasich’s stance that ‘a continued freeze of Ohio’s energy standards is unacceptable’ and said his administration ‘[stands] willing to work with the [legislature] to craft a bill that supports a diverse mix of reliable, low-cost energy sources.’

The spokesman added that the administration believes energy efficiency measures are “typically a more cost-effective option than building new electric generation like wind turbines, natural gas, coal or nuclear plants.” That’s far from a resounding vote of confidence in alternative energy, but, assuming good faith in Columbus, state lawmakers appear poised to debate rather than rubber-stamp further bids to crimp Ohio’s energy benchmarks.”

— editorial, Cleveland Plain Dealer

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