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Renewable sources vanish from Ohio’s clean energy bill

CLEVELAND — “The arguments against the bailout are the better ones: Taxpayers should not be bailing out failed businesses.

Taxpayers are not responsible for bad business decisions made by FirstEnergy, though in fairness, fracking was a game-changing technology. Nuclear is not renewable. Its fuel and the process that it uses to generate electricity is dangerous.

The renewable-energy credits in this bill as initially introduced were a fig leaf for a bailout of two nuclear plants. That pretense is gone.

This bill was never really about adjusting Ohio’s energy resources to meet the new needs to forestall catastrophic climate change.

With the saving of Davis-Besse and Perry confined to a single-issue bill, the General Assembly should return to work on a real renewable-energy bill that does reward and encourage solar and wind development in the state.”

— Editorial Board, The Toledo Blade 

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