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Repeal 2014 setback rules for wind turbines

TOLEDO — “Wind energy developers considered this requirement highly onerous, and their money followed them out of Ohio. A 20-page report by two Washington-based industry groups, the American Wind Energy Association and the Wind Energy Foundation, found Ohio has foregone roughly $4.2 billion in potential economic development since the 2014 rules took effect.

Former Ohio Sen. Cliff Hite (R., Findlay) responded to this news by crafting a compromise designed to attract wind energy investment back to Ohio, while safeguarding neighboring properties within reason. The following month, however, what little momentum the bill had gained died when Mr. Hite resigned in the wake of sexual harassment allegations.

Now $92 million of energy infrastructure investment is set to walk away from Ohio — and this is only the first of five wind farms in the company’s planned project, called Republic Wind. Each of these wind farms would generate 95 to 200 well-paying jobs and enough power for 200,000 to 500,000 homes. The combined investment in the northern half of the state would amount to $2.6 billion over the next decade or so. It is all jeopardized by a terribly conceived piece of legislation that effectively zones wind energy out of Ohio.”

— editorial, Toledo Blade

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