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Report raises questions about Ohio utilities’ renewable energy credits

Credit: Anthony Auston / Creative Commons

COLUMBUS — “Shortcomings in the way that regulators report on compliance with Ohio’s clean energy standards make it difficult to determine why utilities paid average prices that were about 70 percent more for each renewable energy credit than competitive suppliers spent in 2015.

The Sierra Club lodged that complaint and other concerns with the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio late last month after the regulators invited comments on their draft report on the state’s compliance with the renewable portfolio standards.

‘It’s not clear what happened here,’ because much of the information is not available for review in public reports, noted Dan Sawmiller of the Sierra Club. ‘But we can say this looks suspicious, and it warrants further exploration by the Commission to find out who did this.’

…Information in the PUCO’s draft filing shows that in 2015 Ohio utilities paid an average price of $15.47 for each renewable energy credit, or REC. In contrast, competitive suppliers paid an average price of just $9.07.”

— Kathiann M. Kowalski, Midwest Energy News

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