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Require oil and gas drillers to report their usage of dangerous chemicals


COLUMBUS — “Federal law and state laws require that there be hazardous chemical inventory reporting and established methods by which doctors, nurses and medical researchers can access and share information about chemicals being used and stored so that in an emergency/attack/accident they can treat people appropriately if exposed to these materials.

Federal law further requires industries that use hazardous chemicals to report them to state, county, and local emergency planners and would lift what is essentially a ‘gag order’ that endangers first responders and frontliners responding to a chemical storage catastrophe from adequately protecting themselves and from notifying the public of the health risks, and as they do not know what chemicals they are dealing with doctors are essentially hog-tied by this ‘gag order.’

These disclosures by companies using such hazardous materials must under the law include chemical information, quantities, chemical storage locations and associated hazards. This information is then used to develop local plans to address responses to hazardous materials incidents. We are now depending upon our Ohio legislator to get to work and come into compliance and require oil and gas drillers to report their usage of dangerous chemicals.”

— Java Kitrick, Short North Gazette

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