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Rescuing PA nuclear power plants could come with conditions

The Three Mile Island nuclear power plant. photo: United States Department of Energy

HARRISBURG, PA — “Opponents to a nuclear power rescue are already lined up.

They include anti-nuclear activists, the AARP, business groups including the Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association and the state’s considerable natural gas industry groups.

A bailout, opponents say, means investing in outdated, inefficient and expensive power plants to supply a regional power grid. It will benefit shareholders of profitable companies and largely profitable plants on the backs of Pennsylvania ratepayers, they say.

Independent analysts do not foresee much effect, if any, on ratepayer bills if Three Mile Island and Beaver Valley shut down. What they foresee, however, is nuclear power being replaced by electricity from carbon-emitting natural gas- and coal-fired plants that typically run below capacity in a saturated market.

For two years, Exelon and FirstEnergy — both prominent campaign donors in Pennsylvania — have been working to build support for a financial rescue in Pennsylvania, enlisting a team of lobbyists.”

Associated Press

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