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Residents must take action on fracking rubber-stamping

Letter-to-the-editor-copy1-441x251MEDINA — What is in your Community?  What are your Elected Leaders doing?

Medina Township, you’ve been sleeping, and while you’ve been sleeping, there’s a dangerous industrial facility being built right now on Watkins Road; in a residential neighborhood that appears to be contrary to our existing Comprehensive plan; approved and rubber stamped by the Zoning Inspector and the Head of the Zoning Commission, unbeknownst to anyone else apparently until I brought it to the attention of the Trustees and the Zoning Commission Board.

Citizens of Ohio were, and continue to be sleeping, while laws are passed at the Statehouse that do not protect citizens; but instead are for corporate interests.

Doctors were gagged with this fracking nonsense; yet Transparency about Fracking Chemicals is vital to rescuers and health care workers.   If you’re not familiar with this, please research it yourself, search on line Medical Right to Know Act, Ohio Citizens Action.  Apparently a lot of doctors across the State of Ohio are not in agreement with Kasich’s gag rule.

Meanwhile, Ohio has not been complying with EPCRA, a Federal Law passed to protect citizens.   Our local Medina EMA, not doing what the Federal Law says in regard to fracking chemicals.

What else is happening in our Community, while citizens remain sleeping?  Anyone know what an orange Air Sock is for?   Only one that’s being utilized in Medina Township, according to Chief Crumley, flies right by the existing facility on Watkins Road.

— Sandra Bilek, letter to the Editor, Medina Gazette