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Right-to-know information has power to save lives

R2knowCINCINNATI — “For the past four years, I worked as an emergency physician in Cincinnati. I personally cared for young workers who had been exposed to hazardous industrial materials. Keeping them alive and my staff safe depended on knowing what chemicals and substances they were exposed to. I strongly support the medical right-to-know full chemical information from oil and gas companies engaged in hydraulic fracturing (fracking).

I remember a young patient who was badly injured after an industrial accident. The nature of their chemical exposure was unknown and decontamination was required. This patient expired as a result of their injuries, and I remember well the chaos of trying to determine what their exposure was. This is need to know information in these cases. God forbid, should the occasion arrive, that information quite literally helps providers save lives.”

— Dr. Jeremy Boyd, Nashville, TN, letter to the editor, Cincinnati Enquirer

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