Ohio Citizen Action

Rosemary Roe – Ohio Citizen Action Education Fund Board member

Rosemary Roe brings a wealth of non-profit experience and a deep understanding of how food and agriculture issues impact the economy and quality of life of rural Ohioans. In her role as Special Projects Coordinator for the Appalachian Center for Economic Networks, she met Ohio Citizen Action Education Fund board president Dick Wittberg and learned about the organization’s mission and methods. She says, “As someone with a background in direct sales, event planning, and promotion I LOVE the (group’s) approach; I liken canvassing to direct sales in that I think it’s the best way to build lasting relationships.”

Rosemary’s motto is “Implementation, not ideas, is the real key to success”, which explains her professional focus on problem-solving, customer service and promotions. In her personal life, she focuses on accessing the wealth of natural riches provided by the state parks near the Athens home she shares with husband Paul and loyal companion Lucy.