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Rumpke neighbors challenge landfill’s odor control plan at Ohio EPA hearing

Residents group says company ignores bigger issue

COLERAIN TWP — “The company and residents agree that odor has increased since a disruption began on the north end of the landfill in 2009. The company says there was a “reaction” 100 feet below the surface. It’s not a fire, Rumpke says, and they don’t know what caused it.

‘It’s not a fire as most people think of a fire,’ says Melissa English of Ohio Citizens Action, a group that has fought Rumpke’s attempts to expand the landfill. ‘It’s a thermal reaction consuming material and leaving instability in the waste pile.’

…English calls it ‘an attempt to mask the odor because they can’t solve the problem. Will it work? I don’t know.

‘The community is upset because they’re not addressing the problem and that’s the best idea they can throw at it,’ English says.

Without a way to stop the reaction from causing the smell, Rumpke says adding more odor neutralizer is the best they can do.”


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