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Rumpke offers township deal to double life and size of landfill, despite underground “reaction”

Comparison showing odor control blanket over “reaction” on north part of landfill in 2012 and 2014.

Comparison showing odor control blanket over “reaction” on north part of landfill in 2012 and 2014.

COLERAIN TOWNSHIP — On July 4th, the Colerain Township Board of Trustees published their intent to meet, consider and take action on a consent decree, negotiated with Rumpke Consolidated Companies, Inc. regarding proposed expansion of the company’s 334 acre flagship landfill in northern Hamilton County. The decree would settle a 2006 lawsuit brought by the company against the township over refusal to permit a 293 acre expansion.

The landfill’s neighbors have fought the company over expansion, odors and other problems since the mid-1950s. The latest community complaint is an underground “reaction” or fire, that’s been burning since August 2009. This is the second time the company has sued the township over their perceived right to expand. That lawsuit was settled after the township and the company came to terms.

The new deal includes a .25/ton increase in the fees collected by the township, a two-year freeze on garbage rates for township residents, $500,000 over ten years for the township’s chamber of commerce and a $1.5 million annual payment for the life of the landfill. In exchange, the community will rescind its objection to the rezoning necessary for Rumpke to proceed, a move likely to mean 85-100 more years of landfill space. Township trustees laid out their rationale for crafting the deal in the latest township newsletter.

Colerain township residents are encouraged to attend a July 21 meeting of the Board of Trustees to offer their input.

– Melissa K. English, Development Director, Ohio Citizen Action

A message from anti-expansion group POWER