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Rumpke wants to increase odor control at landfill

Rumpke uses emitters like this one to release an odor-reducing chemical at its Colerain Township landfill.

CINCINNATI — “Rumpke wants to change its deodorant, but it needs a permit to make the switch.

Amanda Pratt, spokeswoman for the Rumpke Sanitary Landfill, says the new odor suppression spray requires that the company apply for a new permit because the spray will increase the amount of emissions into the air at the Colerain Township landfill.

…The OEPA said in the permit documentation that Rumpke is a high-profile facility, and the permit should be issued in draft form first, due to probable public concern. A decision on issuing a final permit-to-install will be made after comments are received and a public hearing if one is conducted.Colerain Township resident Rich McVay, the new president of Property Owners Want Equal Rights, known as POWER, a citizens advocacy group, says a public hearing could clear the air. He is considering making a request to the OEPA for a public hearing.”

— Jennie Key, Cincinnati Enquirer

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