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Sensor quickly measures heavy metal levels

Dr. Erin Haynes and Caroline Beidler of Neighbors for Clean Air.

CINCINNATI — “U.S. researchers have developed the first ‘lab on a chip’ sensor that can quickly detect levels of heavy metals such as manganese in humans, a report says.

Developed by University of Cincinnati scientists, the sensor will have its first field test in Marietta, Ohio, where another UC researcher is leading a long-term health study on the potential health effects of heavy metals, a UC release said Friday.

Because the sensor’s working electrode is made of bismuth instead of the more usual mercury, it is environmentally friendly…

The sensor will be field tested by UC’s Erin Haynes, who is studying air pollution and the health effects of manganese and lead in Marietta, the home to the only manganese refinery in the United States and Canada.

Tests have revealed elevated levels of manganese in Marietta residents when compared to those who live in other cities.”

United Press International