Solicitors must register before knocking on Delaware doors

DELAWARE — “Last week Delaware passed a door-to-door peddler law that prohibits for-profit sales people from going into neighborhoods without first getting cleared by police.

‘We don’t want to infringe on free enterprises, but we do want to know who is coming into our city,’ said Capt. Bruce Pijanowski.

Under the new law, paid employees of political organizations asking for donations to further their cause need a license, Landers reported.

Law professor Dan Kobil said the law could be unfair.

‘It sounds like they could favor one political group over another,’ Kobil said. ‘It raises some danger signals under the Fist Amendment.’

Ohio Citizen Action sued the village of Canal Winchester in 2009, and won, after the village enacted a similar ordinance, Landers reported.

The group claimed it did not need to be licensed and said the law violated free speech.”

10TV News

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