State and local activists urge council passage of resolution to strengthen & enforce the Clean Air Act

Wednesday, Oct. 19, 1:15 pm, Steps of City Hall, 801 Plum Street

Cincinnati Council Member Laure Quinlivan will hold a press conference with environmental advocates and leaders from Environment Ohio and Ohio Citizen Action Wednesday afternoon to urge Cincinnati City Council to pass a resolution to fully enforce the Clean Air Act.   The resolution passed out of the Quality of Life Committee last week.  The speakers will be:

  • Julian Boggs, State Policy Advocate for Environment Ohio
  • Melissa English, Development Director for Ohio Citizen Action
  • Council Member Laure Quinlivan, Chair of the Mayor’s Green Steering Committee

“Cincinnati has some of the poorest air quality in the region, and we must continue to fight for high standards and full enforcement of the Clean Air Act,” says Quinlivan.

Quinlivan will explain how the Green Cincinnati Plan is improving air quality.   Ms. English will discuss the contributors to Cincinnati’s poor air quality and potential solutions.  Mr. Boggs will explain the urgency of upholding the renewable energy standards established by Ohio in 2008 and enforcing the federal Clean Air Act, currently under legislative attack.

Citizens who attend the press event are encouraged to also sign up to speak at the 1:30pm public comments session, urging council members to pass the resolution.

— Laure Quinlivan, Council Member